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Welcome to Narrative Space.  My name is Laura Carrillo and I am The Feng Shui Lady®.  My offerings include Feng Shui, Space Clearing, EMF Protection Services & Solutions.  I consult, teach and write about Feng Shui.  In addition to my Los Angeles based practice, I work with clients domestically and internationally via Face-time, Skype, phone and travel consultations.  You can get an instant quote and schedule an appointment with me here Scheduler.

The concept of Narrative Space Feng Shui is simple; your home or business is telling a story, your story. Every object in your environment is a physical affirmation of your present situation.  Feng Shui is a solution oriented practice that treats your environment as a living entity and extension of yourself.  When I visit a space, I read the narrative and help you edit your story with the energetic principles of Feng Shui and the Alchemy of Space Clearing to align your environment with your highest good and create a positive new chapter.  My work is essentially Space Therapy and I help my clients understand what their homes and businesses are communicating energetically.  I then help them align that narrative with their goals and dreams.  If you’re looking for that breakthrough, I got you!

Edit your space and rewrite the script. It’s time for a positive new chapter; it’s time for Feng Shui.

I specialize in Space Therapy, Planning and Clearing with your physical and personal narrative in mind. I’m available for in home or virtual Feng Shui & Space Therapy Consultations as well as Space Clearing & Blessing Ceremonies.  You can visit my Services page to explore the details on all of my offerings and explore and shop my EMF Protection products here EMF Solutions.  I also offer workshops which can be found in my Events page. To schedule a personal or business consultation, call me at (415) 902-4846 and let me know about your space and your goals so that I can best assist you.  We can talk about what that next chapter is going to look like for you…  You can also email me at narrativespacefengshui@gmail.com with your square footage, location, phone number and a little bit about your space.  I will get back to you to discuss your space, answer any questions you may have and provide you with a quote and availability.

The Bagua…Narrative Space Feng Shui

This Bagua map represents all of the areas of your life and how they relate to your home or business. Your space reflects all of these themes as they line up with the Bagua in what is effectively your story or physical narrative. I help you make the most of these energies and themes by showing you what each of the areas of your home or business represent energetically.  Then I help you maximize on their energetic potential.  I help you create elemental balance and show you where and how to emphasize all of the Feng Shui elements including earth, fire, wood, metal and water.  I also show you how to balance the Yin and Yang energies in your environment to create balance.  Most importantly, I look at what story your space is reflecting and then help you edit and create a physical narrative that is aligned with your goals and dreams.

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