Alchemy: the Magic of Feng Shui & Space Clearing!

Laura CarrilloI was recently asked what Alchemy is… I use the term liberally in relation to Feng Shui, Space Clearing and my practice Narrative Space. Alchemy is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as a noun:

1. an early form of chemistry, with philosophic and magical associations, studied in the Middle Ages: its chief aims were to change base metals into gold and to discover the elixir of perpetual youth

2. a power or process of changing one thing into another; esp., a seemingly miraculous power or process of changing a thing into something better

It dates back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period. Alchemy refers to any “magical” power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value. Isaac Newton was an Alchemist. It’s basically the precursor to Chemistry. Alchemy involves mixing certain elements and ingredients together to create something. When I use the term in relation to Feng Shui and Space Clearing it is because I am working with elemental balance and various other “ingredients” to create a desirable outcome. Because the ingredients and the recipe are not a “precise science” but rather like cooking to taste with whatever ingredients are present and specific to the palette of the client; a really good Feng Shui Practitioner is an Alchemist. One must have some foundational knowledge of how various ingredients or elements work together and the kind of results one might expect when combining them. In Feng Shui we combine and emphasize elements in a way that is both prescribed and intuitive. Practical experience in the use of elements leads to best practices and results as does a sense of the clients needs and the nature of their space.

Narrative Space Feng ShuiI practice a form of Alchemy with Feng Shui and particularly Space Clearing. People with some sense of what Feng Shui is typically know that there is a bagua or an energetic grid involved and they may even know it has something to do with placement and energy. There is more to it though…. Elemental balance and the emphasis of certain elements in particular areas of a physical space for best results is rather important. Feng Shui focuses on 5 elements Earth, Water, Metal, Wood, and Fire. As individuals, we have an elemental make up and tend to be particularly drawn to certain elements. Elements in Feng Shui can present themselves very literally like fire is fire, and water is water, but they can also be represented in other clever ways like colors, shapes or representations in art. An overabundance of any element will create an imbalance as will a complete lack of any one element. Balance is the ultimate goal and it can be a delicate equilibrium.

I’m pretty much a pyro and am drawn to the fire element. I like fire spectrum colors, fiery shapes, imagery and fire in all its glorious forms. I had a candle collection as a child to give you some perspective and as an adult I get paid to go to people’s homes and light up my fire bowl for space clearing ceremonies. I am very comfortable around this element… That said, I have to watch out for an overabundance of fire in my environment. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Fire is stimulating and exciting and it gets things moving, but in say a bedroom too much fire can overstimulate and interfere with restful sleep or a peaceful environment. I have clients that are all earth all the time. We are talking beige and brown everything and while this is grounding and calm it also has its downside. Too much earth can make you feel stuck and lacking motivation and energy to move forward etc. Helping clients find elemental balance is very rewarding because one often has to get quite creative. Someone who is super earthy, may have an aversion to any sort of “obvious” fire element. That’s where the alchemy comes in because there are creative ways to bring elemental balance without forcing someone to adopt a palette or aesthetic that is not to their liking. I practice the least dogmatic school of Feng Shui and it is also the original school of Feng Shui. It’s called Form school and it takes a very organic approach addressing a space as its own universe. I’m not going to ask my clients to worry about what direction their home is facing. I’m more concerned with good placement or form as it pertains to their space and floor plan.

Narrative Space Feng ShuiSpace Clearing is the ultimate Alchemy…. There are basic ingredients that go into a proper space clearing but in order to achieve positive results one must be a really good Alchemist. Space Clearing uses alchemy in a literal form. I use different sacred instruments like Femme, my Crystal F Frequency Singing bowl shown here.  I also use elements in my ceremonies including fire, water, earth, metal and wood. For my ceremonies, I create altars and utilize various objects, elements and symbols etc depending on what the intention and goal of the ceremony is. This can be super fun and it can be a little like playing Merlin… As a child, I did not care about or pretend to be a princess. I played in the woods and pretended to be a sorceress, making soupy concoctions and wearing fanciful frocks. Not much has changed… Maybe I should start calling myself an Alchemist…. I don’t know which term is more misunderstood though Alchemy or Feng Shui? You can just call me by my Buddhist name “Radiant Jewel Light.”

XOXO Laura