Narrative SpaceCircle of Trust

I love metaphor and that’s why I love Feng Shui. It’s a physical language that often uses metaphor and symbolism to communicate its greatest lessons and blessings. From an energetic point of view, your home is absorbing your energy and reflecting it back to you. It serves as a mirror. The nice thing about this is that you can look into that mirror and find the flaws. Once you see what they are, you can actually fix them or at least recognize them and take the steps necessary to fix them. Feng Shui is one of the 5 branches of Chinese medicine and is actually used as a diagnostic tool. Sometimes there are themes and issue in our lives that can show up in the Narrative that your home is reflecting back to you. Feng Shui can help you interpret these signs and develop a beneficial relationship with your environment.

In Feng Shui we use crystals as cures and as tools to raise the Chi or energy in areas in which we would like assistance. I have a crystal in my love gua because it’s an area of life where I strive for greater clarity and have wanted to raise my frequency or vibration. The truth is most people need or want help here. Love is a universal desire and I am no exception. Sometimes the problem is not that obvious. On the surface everything seems fine but if you really dig a little deeper the truth is there and so are the answers.

I typically leave my windows open to let fresh air in, but it was a cold night so I finally shut it. I had a big round faceted crystal hanging from my window by a red string I had tied in my Love Gua. Gua’s are energetic areas that are defined by the Bagua which is a map or energetic grid of the nine different sectors of life and your space: Love, Fame, Prosperity, Children and Creativity, Health, Family, Travel and Helpful People, Career, and Skills and Knowledge. When I shut my window to keep the cold air from coming in, the string from which my crystal hung came untethered and broke. The crystal fell to the ground with a loud thump and rolled across my living room floor. I was horrified! My beautiful crystal had hit the ground hard and was now soiled. It represented my love life and was there to protect me. The message was loud and clear to me. I have always been very open and eager to find both love and friendship. My window is always open so to speak. That said, not everything or everyone that comes calling should be welcome and in my case greater discernment is called for. The string for me represented my circle of trust which let’s just say had been broken. This theme had repeated itself in friendship and in love throughout the entire year and the symbolism was not lost on me. It was a poignant and symbolic reminder of what had transpired in my personal circle of trust. When it gets cold, it’s time to close the window. If your circle of trust is broken, redraw it… This is true in love & friendship. I took my crystal and washed it. I cleared the crystal with powerful Palo Santo smoke and let it rest for a few days before restringing it and hanging back up anew in my Love Gua with positive new intentions for all my relationships.

About a week prior, I had taken all of my crystals and gems including my jewelry from their respective locations throughout my home and placed them lovingly on a tray after carefully washing them. It’s important to periodically clean and clear your crystals and jewels to release stagnant energy and renew their highest vibration. Placing them under the rays of a Full moon is one of the most powerful ways of re-energizing and re-calibrating your gems. It was the last full moon of the year and an opportune time to refresh my chi enhancers. All of my crystals and gems suddenly took on a new luster and apparently my Love Crystal was particularly impacted.

I feel the crystal had a point to make and it expressed itself in a way I could understand. You are as strong as your circle of trust, if that trust is broken you start to lose your power… The key is surrounding yourself with positive people that actually enhance rather than deplete your energy. If the circle is weak cut lose the energy leak and redraw or “restring” your circle. After I rehung my “love” crystal, things in my love life began to change. My “Ok Cupid” App which had previously stopped working for a number of months, suddenly rebooted and began to work for me and just like that, I was back in the dating game. This time I was winning though. I started dating again and the men I attracted where a kinder gentler sort and I was finally having positive experiences in dating.

I have a relationship with my Environment and at the end of the day that is Feng Shui. Through Narrative Space, I seek to help others have their own positive relationship with their environment and learn to speak this physical language and participate in what their story is going to be with a little help from me.

XOXO Laura