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I believe it is important to truly connect with my clients and be available to answer questions and learn about your goals and individual circumstances in order to provide the best service and results.  To reach out for a quote and consultation please include your phone number, location, square footage, availability to speak, and any pertinent details about your space.  You can email me directly at

You can see Quote, Availability & Booking here!  I like to provide full disclosure on my pricing and package information which is largely based on square footage.

Virtual Consultations are presently a flat rate and a great value, so feel free to ask about any new promotions I have that might apply to you.  Blessings!

Ideally, you can call me directly at (415) 902-4846 as I prefer to have personal contact with you and provide a more individual and tailored experience for your specific needs and goals.

XO Laura Carrillo aka The Feng Shui Lady®



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