Feng Shui For Baby, Inviting Baby Home…

If you are getting ready to welcome baby home or even trying to have a baby, Feng Shui can help!

Narrative Space

Baby Grace…

This is Grace. She was my first Feng Shui Baby. I wasn’t sure if Grace was an anomaly, a fluke or just good luck but after Grace there were more Feng Shui babies. It has worked every time I have attempted “Feng Shui for Baby” which has resulted in a certain level of confidence in my ability to at least help and be a factor in bringing about such a blessing. I help women and couples get ready for baby by helping them prepare the home and babies room physically and energetically. I have found that the same tips that help create the right setting for baby also have a side affect of helping couples who are trying to get pregnant or are looking to adopt. When requests for “Feng Shui for Baby” come up, I am delighted to help. I am sharing this now so that they will come up more often and because I know there are a lot of women and couples eagerly preparing for baby or longing for one. It’s helpful to know that there are energetic alternatives. In addition to helping new parents prepare for baby, I have helped clients with both fertility and adoption breakthroughs with a combination of Feng Shui & Space Clearing.

My name is Laura Carrillo and I am a Feng Shui consultant who specializes in both Feng Shui and Space Clearing. My practice is called Narrative Space. It is founded on the principle that our homes are mirrors of our personal narrative. Our stories can be seen in the way we live and through Feng Shui and Space Clearing, we can play a conscious role in what our story is going to be. In my experience, a baby has to be a part of your story and physical narrative in order to come into your life. When you are preparing to bring a new life home, it’s like starting a new chapter and your baby becomes part of your story. I help create a setting and physical narrative that supports this new life. I make sure that the babies room and your home as a whole are designed with baby in mind. I help clients arrange the babies room to feel safe, restful, nurturing and balanced with Feng Shui principles.

There are many resources for women who are preparing for baby or that struggle with fertility and adoption challenges. I encourage you to explore all of them. Advancements in medicine have certainly come a long way and we have IVF, egg freezing, egg and sperm donors etc. Surrogate mothers are also becoming a more common option and of course adoption services are a beautiful choice. In addition to these methods, we have holistic approaches that can also help like Acupuncture and Feng Shui which happen to be two of the Five branches of Chinese medicine so they complement each other.

When you are getting ready to bring a new life into your home, you want to make sure to make a healthy and inviting setting for your new baby. If you want to increase your odds for getting pregnant or adopting a baby, creating the right setting can additionally help facilitate the process energetically.  Holistic approaches like Feng Shui and Acupuncture are a lot less expensive and/or invasive than some of the aforementioned options and they typically are very pleasant experiences that can make your journey to baby much more comfortable and inviting. If you have attempted all of the western approaches and are still struggling, I would suggest incorporating some eastern practices into the mix to see if they can make the energetic difference you need to achieve your goal.

You may have at least heard of Feng Shui but Space Clearing is a little more unusual and I do both. Not all Feng Shui consultants do Space Clearing and not all Space Clearers do Feng Shui… They work best together and actually reinforce each other the same way Acupuncture and Feng Shui do, a kind of Yin & Yang relationship.

In both practices I am working with energetic flow and intention. Feng Shui is a more visually tangible practice commonly referred to as the “Art of Placement.” It is a physical language that is designed to organize your space in the most energetically inviting and auspicious manner. Space Clearing is a kind of Alchemy that uses a number of different elements to “clear” a space energetically of stagnant and non-beneficial energies and then impart blessings and intentions for good fortune. When both practices are combined, you maximize on the energetic potential of the space and are able to facilitate positive change and transformation with the most impactful and accelerated results. This is why I generally recommend combining both services especially when you are moving into a new space or are desiring a breakthrough in your life such as a child.

Grace was my “first born” so to speak. You never forget your first… In her case, her parents Vanessa and Steven were struggling with adoption challenges and had been in the process for over 2 years.  Through Feng Shui, I created a setting where a baby would want to live and with Space Clearing and a Blessing Ceremony, I energetically invited their baby home. Six days after my Feng Shui and Blessing ceremony for Vanessa and Steven, they where blessed with Grace.  I cannot fully express what a powerful impact Gracie had on me. As a result of Grace, I developed a comprehensive protocol specific to “Feng Shui for Baby” and now it’s part of my wheelhouse! One can never promise a specific outcome and I expressly do not, however I make it my business to create sacred space for my clients’ greatest desires. This kind of “Space Therapy” is some of the most fulfilling work I do and if I can somehow help you, it would be a Blessing and a Grace. To learn more about Narrative Space and Feng Shui for Baby reach out to me directly at narrativespacefengshui@gmail.com.

In Vanessa’s own words: 

Five Star Yelp Review - Vanessa McGrady Spiller, Award -Winning Journalist and Public Relations Professional and Author

“I interpret feng shui as a physical manifestation of a prayer, or setting an intention, or asking the Universe for something. So when my husband and I were scraping the depths of despair during our two-year adoption process, after we’d done all we could do ourselves, we called Laura as a Hail Mary pass to help renew our hope. She did a thorough job and provided not only placement ideas for our home, but she also facilitated a lovely ceremony in which we “called” our child to come find us. Less than a week later we got the call from our social worker that a birth mother wanted to meet us, and a few days after that our magical baby was born and we took her home. Was it coincidence, fate, Laura, or answered prayers? I don’t know. But I do know that Laura works with incredible sensitivity, she truly has her clients’ best interests at heart, and your home or office will be more livable and inviting to you, your guests, and possibly your dearest wish.”