Manifestation & Feng Shui

Narrative SpaceCurate Your Home with Your Personal Narrative in mind and plant the seeds of manifestation… Our homes provide more than just shelter, at their best they can be sanctuaries and sacred space. The dwellings we inhabit take on our energy and ultimately reflect our Personal Narrative. That narrative is something a Feng Shui consultant can read and help edit. I learn a lot about my clients by looking around their homes or even just checking out their art. I am there to help them edit and narrate their space from an energetic perspective. I’m looking at everything from Elemental Balance, Placement, Symbolism, Yin and Yang, and Chi/Energy. The biggest thing I focus on is the narrative and that’s why I called my Feng Shui consulting business Narrative Space.

I once had a client who was a lovely actress with a nice well organized home and a pretty décor, however she had some difficulties that I was able to interpret through the narrative her home expressed. Feng Shui goes above and beyond aesthetics. There is something called the Bagua in Feng Shui and it is like a map or an energetic grid of 9 different life stations. One of the life stations is the Love Gua and there are areas of your home that represent your Love Gua so anything you have in those areas impacts your narrative in that area of your life. My client unfortunately had a Bar in her Love Gua. I pointed out to her that we might want to relocate the bar as it was inauspicious to have alcohol or any substance that distorts so prominently featured in her Love Gua. She had an “aha moment” and told me how her last 3 boyfriends had all been alcoholics and assured me she would move the bar! This is just one example of how placement and context are very important from a Feng Shui perspective. If say the bar was in her career gua and she was a wine dealer then it would work in that context…

You don’t have to be a Feng Shui consultant to get a read on someone though. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious if you put on your Feng Shui eyes. Have you ever been to someone’s home and looked around at the art that was hung and walked away with a certain impression? Maybe they had a lot of depressing art depicting unhappy solitary people, or scenes of peril; it’s not hard to figure out that this person is not super happy. The art itself is reinforcing this negative imagery upon their subconscious mind and communicating this theme to anyone who visits. From an energetic perspective, it is also sending a message to the universe about who they are and what their “story” is. The art gives you a glimpse into their personal narrative. It tells a story that we interpret consciously or subconsciously… I do it consciously and with the perspective of energetic grids that provide context based on where something is placed in a home.

One of my clients had a Hypnosis Practice and I was helping her edit her office where she saw clients. The space lacked art in her fame and reputation gua; in fact this wall was barren and my client was struggling to build her business and clientele. I had her place her Certifications and Degrees in Hypnosis along her fame wall and edit the rest of her art in the office with her ideal narrative in mind. She later told me her business picked up by what she estimated to be a good 25% and she was able to maintain a steady stream of business moving forward. The changes basically raised her vibrational level and drew to her that which she aspired to because she had edited her space to reflect her expertise and success. Here was another example of projecting a positive message in the right context to yourself, your visitors and the universe. The message you send has an impact so think about what you want to say!

Narrative Space Feng ShuiFrom a Feng Shui perspective, it is always important to keep your personal narrative in mind and take a look at the kind of art you have and where your art is placed. You can curate not only your art but your space from a symbolic and energetic perspective by using the Bagua. Think about who you are and how you want to live! I can help you edit your space in alignment with your intentions opening it up to it’s greatest potential!  What’s your story?  Edit your place with Narrative Space!