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Moving? Here’s Your Go To Checklist From The Feng Shui Lady…

Learn the top 5 Feng Shui deal-makers and breakers for selecting a new space.

by Laura Carrillo, The Feng Shui Lady – Consulting, Speaking, Teaching & Writing

Moving & Upgrading!

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; Safety, Property #2

Moving is a great opportunity to upgrade your life and write a whole new chapter for yourself.  My goal here is to share some key tips for selecting the most supportive and auspicious environment for yourself.  When it comes to selecting the ideal space for your new home or business, there are definitely Feng Shui red flags that people can look out for.  Feng Shui is an ancient earth science that offers amazing space planning tools that are as essential today as ever.  In a fast paced world that is so saturated with technology, we need a soft place to land and unplug.  We need sacred space.

My name is Laura Carrillo aka The Feng Shui Lady and my practice is called Narrative Space Feng Shui .  I see my work as Space Therapy.  People’s spaces are both a reflection and an extension of who they are and what is going on with them.  Clients reach out to me all the time when they are either about to move or have just moved.  This recurring theme inspired me to write this piece so that I could share the Feng Shui deal breakers I see every day and help you avoid some of the less desirable circumstances people fall into when they move into a space that has bad Feng Shui.

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9 Steps To A Mental Wellness Staycation

by Laura Carrillo

When life becomes overwhelming and stress or depression set in, it might be a good time for a Staycation and full immersion Introversion. Unplug and retreat, until you miss the beat.

Are you looking for an antidote to heart-break, political overload, career burnout, or a good old fashioned psychological melt-down? Sounds like you could use a wellness vacation. Don’t worry this vacation won’t break the bank and doesn’t even require you actually go anywhere or even take time off work. It’s a 9 Step Sacred Space Wellness Plan to get your mojo back.

I’m a Feng Shui consultant so it’s my job to create sacred space that is aligned with my clients highest good. Recently I had to put my skills to the test in my own life when I was forced to deal with some personal issues and a bit of dark night of the soul. It took everything I knew to create an environment and setting for myself where I could recover and recharge my batteries.

My plan not only works but it has the added benefit of saving you money! It’s great for those of you on a budget and awesome for self identified Introverts, while surprisingly great for Extroverts and Ambiverts too…

Being Extroverted can become an identity or even a mask we wear. In some cases we need to be Extroverted for our livelihood. Sales people for instance don’t have the luxury of being insular or reserved. Same with performers and well anyone who deals with the general public. You simply have to put yourself out there to survive in this world. Whether you are an Extrovert, Ambivert or Introvert there is a side of you that needs to retreat from the outside world for deeper sustenance.

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Elle Decor

Melanie Yeats11 Ways to Feng Shui Your Home This Spring With Tips from a Pro

by Melanie Yates

Laura Carrillo featured in Best Products.comFor feng shui expert Laura Carrillo, her space-planning services go beyond organizing and decorating a home — as she says, feng shui is a lot more like “house therapy.”

“A lot of people like to compare it to interior design, but for me, it’s almost like an energetic, spiritual connection with your environment,” Carrillo says. “Feng shui is also all about energetic flow, having positive relationships, and it’s a physical language, so whatever’s going on in the space is communicating what’s going on with you.

So if your home is looking a bit drab and still weighed down by the dark layers of fall and winter, it may be time to consider a space refresh for spring, in order to really inspire a sense of renewal for own self.

“Spring cleaning is a really great reboot and a great way to edit and create transformation in your life,” Carrillo says.”

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Thrive Global thrive-global-logo

The Science Behind Sacred Space

by Laura Carrillo

As a Feng Shui Expert, I talk about the importance of creating Sacred Space. I sometimes take for granted that people even know what I mean by that. Let me explain… Sacred Space is like your own personal paradise where the aesthetic, imagery and symbolism reflects your ideal personal narrative! It is clean, orderly, energetically aligned and curated, beautiful, comfortable, supportive, productive, stimulating, nourishing, inspiring space. I have some pretty high standards, but when you live in this kind of positive environment, you are guaranteed to have a more successful, happy and fulfilling life. Science, psychology and good old common sense support this. So many paradisestudies speak to ones environment being the dominant force leading to our success or failure in life. The right kind of nurturing can transcend nature.

There is the Nurture over Nature Study from North Carolina University and the Rat Park Study conducted in the late 1970’s to name a few. Both these studies illuminate just how profoundly important a positive environment is to our well being, success, happiness and health. A quote from the Nurture over Nature Study states; “The most important implication of this study is that people with the same genetic makeup can be in different environments and have different expression profiles,” Idaghdour says. “The same gene can be expressed in the city but not in a rural place because of the environment. So you must look at the environment when studying associations between genes and disease.” In the Rat Park Study, the take away is simple. The road to addiction and self destruction is closely tied to toxic and demoralizing environments. The road to recovery is a positive, healthy and nourishing environment.

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Thrive Global thrive-global-logo

Flip The Script With Narrative Space

by Laura Carrillo

A Feng Shui consultation can help you better understand your physical and personal narrative and consciously make changes that will impact how your life is playing out. You can change your story by shifting the energetic narrative in your home or business. Clients usually reach out to me when there’s an area of their life that they want to change or improve. They are looking for a breakthrough. I help them flip the script!

Our homes and businesses provide more than just shelter, at their best they can be sacred space. The dwellings we inhabit take on our energy flip-the-scriptand ultimately reflect our physical narrative. That narrative is something a Feng Shui consultant can read and help you edit. I learn a lot about my clients by looking around their homes and businesses and even just checking out their art. I am there to help them edit and narrate their space from an energetic perspective. I’m looking at everything from Elemental Balance, Placement, Symbolism, Yin and Yang, and Chi/Energy. The biggest thing I focus on is the narrative and that’s why I called my Feng Shui consulting business Narrative Space

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womn - womn magazine

WOMN Magazine

If These Walls Could Talk

by Laura Carrillo

If these walls could talk, they would tell you the story. My Feng Shui practice, Narrative Space, is based on the premise that your home, business, or any physical space has an energetic narrative that can be interpreted and edited through Feng Shui.

Art & Alchemy is my specialized area of Feng Shui.  What is the story?  Look around, it’s all there. The writing is on the wall, so to speak. People assume art is merely a picture or a painting or a 18

What a physical space is communicating via its narrative is obvious to me, though it may not be to most people. Not everyone sees life through the same lens, so in some small way I can bring clarity and light to this subject. Universal consciousness aside, not everyone is paying attention to the signs or knows how to interpret them.  I genuinely believe we all have this ability on a subconscious level, but that doesn’t mean it is reaching the conscious or mundane level.  Feng Shui is a physical language which helps interpret those signs.

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LA Times – Hot Property & Celebrity Homes

Offbeat experts make high-end homes live-in ready

by Carren Jao

Moving homes for most people entails a bunch of boxes, bubble wrap and a truck. For the rich and famous, it takes a village.

And it’s more than an army of movers. A cottage industry of specialists for high-net-worth clients includes feng shui experts, energy clearers, closet and wine bottle organizers. Energy clearer

It begins and ends with the estate manager, an entrenched member of the household tasked to keep things glitch-free.

“It’s like being the CEO of the household,” said Kimberly Varney of Celebrity Estate Management Network. And there’s a salary to match: Estate manager salaries can start from $90,000 up to $300,000.

Managers are in charge of finding the right people to handle the homeowner’s prized possessions and place them in just the right way.

For starters, the manager might lean heavily on the recommendations of a feng shui expert.

Using this guide, practitioners may advise homeowners to place a water feature at the center of the home to attract success in their careers or paint a room peach to encourage romance. It’s all about making a home feel good by subtly arranging objects in it.

“Your home is a mirror of your life. The feel of your home has an impact on your life.— Laura Carrillo of Narrative Space

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In Good Tase with Laura CarrilloIn Good Taste

Five Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen

by Laura Carrillo

In Feng Shui, a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy, the kitchen is considered a power center. It represents both health and prosperity. The concept of Narrative Space Feng Shui is simple: your home and in particular your kitchen is telling a story, your story. Every object in your environment is a physical affirmation of your present situation.

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Amanda Gates Feng ShuiDesign 101 – Designing Your Best Life

Itunes Podcast – Feng Shui & Numerology!

Laura was interviewed by host Amanda Gates of

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Black Southern Belle                       5 Ways to Clean with Feng Shui Twist!

5 Ways to Clean With a Feng Shui Twist

by Laura Carrillo

When spring approaches, it’s like a fresh start. It’s the perfect time to clear away those things that no longer serve you.  I’d like to give you some tips on how to Spring Clean for maximum results from a Feng Shui perspective!

There are five categories of items that by virtue of removing from your home, you can create sacred space for blessings. Releasing the following five categories of items from your home will remove energetic obstacles and debris that may have been holding you back and weighing you down energetically.

1. Items from your romantic past!
I’m talking letters, pictures, gifts et all from former loves.  These items are holding the energetic vibration from those relationships, thus taking up vital emotional space that could be better served with new love.

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