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1.  Feng Shui

Much like the journey from caterpillar to butterfly, transformation works from the inside out.  Feng Shui can help you initiate and navigate your personal transformation by aligning your environment with your intentions so that you can manifest your best life.

Whether you want to make the most of what you have or design a whole new chapter, I can help.  Your Consultation will feel like house or business therapy.  I provide you with instant feedback on how to immediately and tangibly transform and enhance your environment to be in alignment with your hopes and dreams.  I will interpret the story your space is presently telling energetically and help you maximize on the energetic potential in your environment.

How I work with you:Narrative Spaces Laura Carrillo

Let’s Talk about your Story and what that next chapter is going to look like…

  • Each consultation is individually tailored to your needs.  I create a plan for your space based on what your goals and aspirations are.  I provide a quote based on your square footage, location and services desired.
  • You receive my detailed recommendations at the time of your consultation.
  • You receive my Feng Shui Lady Support Materials and Documents at the time of your consultation for you to keep and refer to at any time.
  • You have extended coaching and support from me for a month in the form of email, text and phone questions regarding all of my Feng Shui recommendations.
  • You get a free subscription to my monthly newsletter with ongoing insights into Feng Shui, Astrology and Wellness.
  • Pricing is based on square footage and location see details.
  • You have the option of including Space Planning, Furniture Selection, Art Curation and procurement services.  Pricing is based on the nature and scope of the project.

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I recommend having a Space Clearing after you have made all of your physical changes. You will have aligned yourself with your intentions and created the space for the blessings a Space Clearing can bring. Read Manifestation & Feng Shui to learn more about how you can flip the script with Feng Shui!  You can also visit my Stories tab for more Feng Shui & Space Clearing tales!

2.  Virtual Feng Shui *Promotion*

Try Narrative Space Any Place… Virtual Promotion

*  Complete Space $500 up to 3000 sq ft & $850 for anything over.

*  Bedroom/Individual Room $250

Whether you are you outside of LA or not, you can take advantage of this great value!  I can help you edit your space and write a beautiful new chapter virtually via Skype and Face-time.  All we need to get started is a floor plan which can be an architectural floor plan or a simple sketch with the entrance and layout of the space.  You can also send me pictures in advance so that I can study them before your consultation along with your floor-plan.

Working virtually or remotely gives me the opportunity to help and work most efficiently with more people.  Being able to read your floor-plan in advance gives me a birds eye view into your home or businesses big picture narrative!  The powerful insights I get in advance of your consultation from your floor-plan make Virtual Feng Shui an extremely effective and comprehensive service.   I will be prepared in advance with your areas of opportunity, solutions and cures.  I can discover all of this by seeing what your floor plan is revealing.  On the day of your consultation, we can utilize Face-time or Skype so that you can walk me through your space just as if I was there with you.

How Virtual Feng Shui Works:

I can See what your Story is even before I see your space…

  • I can help clients anywhere no matter what the distance via Skype and Face Time.
  • You get all the benefits of a live consultation at a great value and convenience.
  • You receive my recommendations at the time of your consultation via Skype or Face Time.
  • You also receive my Feng Shui Lady Support Materials and Documents via email on the day of your consultation for you to keep and refer to at any time.
  • You have extended coaching and support from me for a month in the form of email, text and phone questions regarding all of my Feng Shui recommendations.
  • You receive a free subscription to my monthly Newsletter “Narrative Space News” with ongoing insights into Feng Shui, Astrology and Wellness.
  • You have the option of a single session or package that includes a follow up session once you have implemented your changes so we can fine tune and edit your Narrative with my support!

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3.  Space Clearing & Blessing Ceremonies

*  Welcome a Baby

*  Bless your New Home

*  Cleanse After a Separation or Divorce

*  Cleanse After Illness or Death in a home

*  Re-calibrate After Renovations or Redecorating

*  Cleanse After a Shift in Occupants of a home

*  Invite a New Chapter or a Major Transformation

Space Clearing is a form of Alchemy that is exceptionally effective at creating positive transformation. Clients experience the most powerful results by combining Space Clearing with their Space Planning and Feng Shui.

I utilize Shamanic teachings, sacred tools and practices that I have been trained in to re-calibrate your chi/energy opening up and cleansing your space and energetic field as well as blessing and aligning it with your ideal personal narrative.  I have a number of different sacred clearing tools and instruments I work with including singing bowls, a Chippewa tribe frame drum, bells, etc.  I choose those best suited to the energetic vibration of your space, the nature and intention of your clearing and my intuition about which tools will be most effective.  I tailor your Space Clearing & Blessing Ceremony in alignment with your goals and intentions.  Pictured is an example of an altar I created for a Space Clearing and baby Blessing Ceremony.  Read Feng Shui for Baby to learn more about the transformative impact of Space Clearing & Blessing Ceremonies!

Clearing and Blessing ceremonies release non-beneficial energy and replace it with your positive intentions and blessings.  Clearings are enhanced and most effective when combined with Feng Shui. I like to Feng Shui a place first to ensure that the physical component of the space is aligned with what we are trying to achieve energetically.  I can then return on a separate occasion to do a Space Clearing.  A Space Clearing requires thorough preparation and understanding of your space, situation and goals, along with curated materials and instruments selected and prepared in alignment with your specific needs.  This preparation helps ensure the most rewarding and powerful results.  Having your home Feng Shui’d without a Space Clearing, is like having your home redecorated without then cleaning it.

Narrative Space Feng Shui

 Space Clearing Services:

1. Blessing Ceremony

Sage, Salt, Singing-Bowl & Magic Mister – $400

2.  Transformational Fire Bowl Ceremony

Includes Fire-Bowl, Blessing & Special Ceremony ( Sage, Salt, Singing-Bowl & Magic Mister) – $800

3. Sacred Blessing Ceremony with Altar

Includes Curated Altar, Fire-Bowl, Blessing, Drum, & Special Ceremony (Sage, Salt, Singing-Bowl & Magic Mister).  Ideal for invoking specific intentions and clearing intense disharmony. – $1000

*Space Clearing and Feng Shui packages available, pricing dependent on square footage, location and time.

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