Feng Shui & Space Clearing Stories – It’s all Narrative Space…

Feng Shui For Baby

Feng Shui For Baby, Inviting Baby Home… If you are getting ready to welcome baby home or even trying to have a baby, Feng Shui can help! Baby Grace... This is Grace. She was my [...]

If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk We have all heard the term “If these walls could talk.” If these walls could talk they would tell you the story! That, in essence, is what the phrase means.  [...]

Alchemy; The Magic of Feng Shui & Space Clearing!

Alchemy: the Magic of Feng Shui & Space Clearing! I was recently asked what Alchemy is… I use the term liberally in relation to Feng Shui, Space Clearing and my practice Narrative Space. Alchemy is [...]

Circle of Trust

Circle of Trust I love metaphor and that’s why I love Feng Shui. It’s a physical language that often uses metaphor and symbolism to communicate its greatest lessons and blessings. From an energetic point of [...]

How & Why I became The Feng Shui Lady…

How & Why I became The Feng Shui Lady... My personal journey and relationship to space and the idea that every place is Narrative Space. Long before I was a Feng Shui consultant, I had [...]

Manifestation & Feng Shui

Manifestation & Feng Shui Curate Your Home with Your Personal Narrative in mind and plant the seeds of manifestation… Our homes provide more than just shelter, at their best they can be sanctuaries and sacred [...]