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I am always so very grateful and honored to receive reviews from my clients.  Your success is my bliss!  These reviews are from Yelp and Linked-In.

Susan Hegel, Master Healer & Intuitive at Hegel Healing

” Laura came to our home and was immediately able to decipher what we could do to make our lives, multiple work projects, and relationship stronger and have a better flow in the space.  Immediately, we began to implement her recommendations, and already, things are starting to shift and work much better.

When I had friends over for coffee a couple of days later, they even commented about how great the space feels, and I had not said a word to them about my feng shui consultation.  Needless to say Laura’s name came up, and her biz cards have been passed around.  I think it’s too bad that so many of us wait until we are “desperate” before we hire someone with Laura’s skills and insight, so many things can be improved so quickly with her services.  I recommend Laura and her services to anybody who is looking for peace, love, joy, better career aspects…you name it. TY Laura!”


Marsha Maquillage Shearille, Make-up Artist & Professional Organizer

I recently hired Laura of Narrative Space Feng Shui to help me with the setup of my new home. I suspected that architecturally the layout was off. Sure enough she was able to determine right away that I had a couple challenges for good energy and flow. My prosperity area was in a really bad section of the home and I wanted that addressed right away. The easy to implement cures she suggested were very effective. Because of the layout I had a difficult time determining where to put my work area however Laura gave me several great options. In addition to the space planning I received, I also got one month of consulting (great for the questions I had afterwards) and ongoing updates via her newsletter! The continued support is appreciated.

I’ve also taken Laura’s class for space clearing which showed me how to change the energy of my space and taught me about components/elements of feng shui myself. It was a great mini refresher and went into depth on some aspects of the essentials. A great value that I plan to take advantage of again.

My living/work space has been greatly improved because of Laura’s experience in feng shui and space planning. The flow, efficiency and overall feeling of my space has been transformed. I was given ideas for placement of my furniture that I couldn’t have come up with on my own. I was given feng shui remedies for the layout/structures I couldn’t change. I saved so much effort, time and money by hiring Laura.

Jennifer Aos, Interior Designer & Owner of Anatomy of Style

I recently hired Laura to come to my home for a space clearing.  I explained how there was likely some bad energy that needed to be cleared before I could move forward in my career or new love relationships.  She totally agreed. I had originally moved into the space with my fiancé years ago only to learn he had bipolar.  We had some dramatic episodes and broke up only 3 months after moving in.  Since then I have had 17 different roommates staying in my home office- some cool people through Airbnb and some ‘interesting’ ones from Craig’s List.  I felt it was time to reclaim my home office/art studio as well as my design business.  However, I noticed every time I tried to create art or work in that room, it led to frustration, self-criticism and was unproductive.  Because of this, I started doing my work in the dining room but still felt a general sense of instability and fear in all the rooms.  Laura and I did a preliminary tour via FaceTime and she could sense the bad energy from that room over the phone!  When she came over for the clearing, I was impressed with how detailed she was.  She artistically arranged the crystals, salts, flowers and candles on a beautiful prayer cloth.  She explained each crystal’s purpose and I was able to select essential oils that resonated with me.  Laura even brought a written declaration of the new intentions we had discussed and it was clear that she remembered everything I told her and really put her heart into this.  Complete with sage, drum, singing bowl and other tools, 2 hours later the space was different.  That night I slept for 12 hours. It has only been a few days but the energy is completely different and I feel focused with a deep sense of clarity, confidence and hope.  Thank you Laura xoxox

Camilla Outzen Rantsen!  Writer, Actor, Producer, Actor & Space Beautifier.  The Client Experience…


Vanessa McGrady Spiller, Award-Winning Journalist and Public Relations Professional and Author

“I interpret feng shui as a physical manifestation of a prayer, or setting an intention, or asking the Universe for something. So when my husband and I were scraping the depths of despair during our two-year adoption process, after we’d done all we could do ourselves, we called Laura as a Hail Mary pass to help renew our hope. She did a thorough job and provided not only placement ideas for our home, but she also facilitated a lovely ceremony in which we “called” our child to come find us. Less than a week later we got the call from our social worker that a birth mother wanted to meet us, and a few days after that our magical baby was born and we took her home. Was it coincidence, fate, Laura, or answered prayers? I don’t know. But I do know that Laura works with incredible sensitivity, she truly has her clients’ best interests at heart, and your home or office will be more livable and inviting to you, your guests, and possibly your dearest wish.” http://vanessamcgrady.com/

Read Vanessa’s “Feng Shui for Baby Story”

Micha Schellhaas, Musician

“Laura is awesome! She did a consultation at our house. We loved every single advice she gave us. We ended up with a list of things to change in the house and went right for it – the space changed immediately. We especially liked how Laura related all the items in our space to our life and told us how we can connect certain intentions with the way we create our living and working space.

Pretty much right away with those changes I felt things were not only cleaning up in my house, but also in my career and personal life. Giving focus to your space and your story and have your house tuned up for that, Laura is the right person to initiate that change for you!” http://michamusic.com/

Joia Gibble, Wellness Professional & Master EFT Tapping Practitioner

“I hired Laura as a Feng Shui consultant and Space Clearing professional when I moved into my new apartment last year. Together, we performed a fun and thorough space clearing so that I could settle into my new home comfortably. It included sage, salt, and fire (!) but most importantly – intentions. She asked about my personal goals and provided specific advice about how to organize and decorate my home to reflect who I am and what I want. Her passion comes through in her work and I recommend her for any occasion where old energy needs to be cleared out or where new goals are to be manifested.” http://www.joiagibble.com/

Kristin Ellingson, Certified Hypnotherapist, C. Ht

“Working with Laura really exceeded all expectations. First of all–in addition to having an amazing amount of knowledge– she is really fun, smart and soulful. I’ve always thought I had a pretty good design sense but have been continually unhappy with the set-up of my office and finally decided to have the place Feng Shui-ed by Laura. After just a few minutes of discussing my office she got excited and actually started moving furniture (in a beautiful dress no less) into a configuration I hadn’t considered before. She asked really interesting questions about my work goals and life goals and pointed out that my “fame” wall and “relationship” wall were both pretty bare. I rearranged the pictures and diplomas and mirrors how she suggested and I have to say the place looks and (more importantly) feels amazing. Getting a Feng Shui consultant seemed like an indulgence but now I’m understanding that it’s really essential to creating a place that enhances my life and career. Shortly thereafter, my clientele increased by more than 25% and I was able to maintain this growth over time without any additional effort on my part. I have also received very positive feedback from my clients regarding my treatment space. She’s a gem.”  http://invitationhypnosis.com/

Debra Gangale, MA CCC Classical Homeopath

“Laura came to my loft and addressed every issue with an expertise of Feng Shui that surpassed all my expectations. My loft transformed from an energy leak to an energy haven. I feel that each area of my life was addressed and represented well in the feng shui design. She continues to follow up with me to make sure that I am growing and expanding in my home and work spaces. Much gratitude to you Laura. I have been able to be more effective and focus on life in a more productive and energized way.”  http://www.debragangale.com/


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